Latest Whatsapp Tricks

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which
allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available
for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.Here are the some important tricks which is very useful for everyone.
1. Prevent the automatic downloading of images or video:

Go to Settings -> Chat Settings -> save media received. You can then enable or disable the automatic saving of files received.

2. Share Your Chat:

It is also possible to send all the chat via email including the attachments.
Again go to the user name at the top right of the chat, and choose the bottom option:
“Send email conversation”. Choose if you want to include or not the attachments and insert the email to which you want to send it.

3. Change Your Whatsapp Number:

If you have changed your phone number, but still have the same smartphone, you do not need to uninstall and
reinstall WhatsApp. There is a setting which allows you to migrate the account to a different phone number.
In Whatsapp, go to Settings -> Accounts -> Change number.
and follow the steps on the changing your number you will get whatsapp free for 1 year.

4. Run Multiple WhatsApp On Android:

There are occasions or times when one needs to have multiple accounts on the same phone such as when you have a dual SIM phone or when you tend to be only one who own a smart phone in your circle of friends or in the family as well. There are many methos to run mutiple whatsapp accounts on your device. But all these require Root access.
First of all Download the OGWhatsApp.
Create a backup of your WhatApp messenger.
Clear WhatsApp data from the Settings/Uninstall your WhatsApp messenger.
Then Rename your WhatsApp folder in your SD card to OGWhatsApp.
In OGWhatsApp verify your old number and whereas in official version verify you new number.You have done successfully.

5.  Whatsapp Locker:

Every one want to keep privacy all images, chat, contact etc..nobody want to share anything to anyone.
Privacy is always a first periroty for anyone. People always wants privacy. You can protect your whatsapp just by
whatsapp lock download. There are many apps which gives you option to lock your whatsapp. But which one is best
whatsapp lock free download apps ?. Here is best app to lock your whatsapp.
User can enter password by two ways : Numeric Password and Pattern Lock.
Fake Window
Hide Your Friends (Root is needed) you can keep a friend secret by hiding their profile picture.
Hide Whats Lock Icon
Drunk Mode.
Download : whatsapp locker.

6 Backup Whatsapp Messages :-

Many users generally accidentally format their device or clear app data or losses data due to memory card crashes. So, it becomes difficult for them to get back their important messages. Generally whatsapp automatically creates the backup of user’s messages but at particular time. But I;m going to guide you “how to manually creates backup and
restore/recover whatsapp messages :
Step 1 : First of all open your whatsapp by tapping on whatsapp icon.
Step 2 : Now tap on Options and then on Settings.
Step 3 : After this tap on Chat settings then the  next step is to  tap on Backup conversation. This will creates
the backup of whatsapp messages which you can later recover/restore whatsapp messages.

you can also Save Backup of your whatsapp messages on your computer. For this you need to follow the following steps

Step 1 : Now just connect your mobile to PC.
Step 2 : After connecting your phone on your PC you will see all your folder on your android phone.
Step 3 : Search and find, WhatsApp folder and copy it to any location on your PC.
Step 4 : That’s it !!

You have successfully created the backup of your WhatsApp messages for the future recover whatsapp messages.

7. Restore/Recover Whatsapp Messages :-

Step 1 : In order to restore/recover whatsapp messages first of all connect your phone to PC.
Step 2 : Now copy your Whatsapp Backup folder  to your phones memory from  recently created backup of whatsapp messages in your PC.
Step 3 : Now just download and install whatsapp.
Step 4 : Proceed with necessary on screen instruction to get started with whatsapp.
Step 5 :  Whatsapp will automatically check for available backups in your device.
Step 6 : If whatsapp found any backup located on your device, you will be asked whether you want to restore backup.
Step 7 : Tap on Yes congrats you have successfully restore whatsapp messages.

8. Send Multiple Messages:

Using the function List Broadcast you can send a message to multiple people without multiple activate a group chat,
Chat-> Lists broadcast-> New List-> Select the names-select creation> Compose your message. In this way, you can
send a chat with multiple partners, without letting the other members of the list know. Even the responses of others
will not be viewed by those in the list, but only by those who sent the message.
Only those having the sender’s number in the phone book will be able to receive messages.

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