Health Benefits of Beets

Health Benefits of Beets


Beets Contains:

  1. Contains Folic Acid
  2. Cleanses the colon
  3. Cleanses the blood
  4. Immunity boost
  5. Anti-Cancer
  6. Great Source of iron
  7. Heals acne
  8. Contains Sodiaum,Magnesium, Calcium, iron and phosphoras
  9. Contains Vitamin A and C and niacin
  10. Protects against heart disease
  11. Treats and cures boils and abscesses
  12. 12.Strengthens the gall bladder and liver

Benefits of Beets:

  1. Immune Booster
  2. nickname: Nature’s Viagara
  3. Contains polysaccharhides for digestive tract health
  4. Stimulates liver function
  5. Reduces cholersterol
  6. Natural colon cleanser
  7. Contains Betacyaninis which counteract cancer
  8. Anti-aging
  9. Pregnancy food
  10. Improves immunity

A Few Quick Serving Ideas

  • Simply grate raw beets for a delicious and colorful addition to salads or decorative garnish for soups.
  • Healthy Boil beet greens for 1 minute for a great tasting side dish, which is very similar to Swiss chard.
  • Marinate steamed beets in fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh herbs.


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